AFO/SMO Use & Care Instructions

Kyle RiffleUse & Care Instructions

Please follow these instructions for your new device

Always wear a clean sock under your AFO/SMO to reduce friction and protect your skin from perspiration. It is recommended that the sock be the same length as the AFO/SMO and make sure the sock is wrinkle free. You also may have to purchase shoes that are ½ size larger to accommodate the AFO/SMO. Always wear a shoe when wearing your brace.

Wear Schedule:
It may take a short period of time to break in your new AFO/SMO before it begins to feel more natural. It is not recommended that you wear your AFO/SMO any longer than 4 hours the first day. You should increase wear time by 1 hour a day until you are wearing it full time. You do not need to sleep in the brace unless otherwise instructed to do so.

Skin Care:
It is necessary to check your skin frequently while wearing your AFO/SMO. A new AFO/SMO may cause redness, which should disappear 15-20 minutes after removing the device. If redness does not go away within this time, please contact the office to have this inspected. DO NOT wear the brace until it has been adjusted. Diabetics and those with lessened sensation are especially vulnerable to skin irritation.

The AFO/SMO should be cleaned regularly with mild soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Please DO NOT soak the AFO/SMO in water as this may cause damage to your brace. At any time your orthosis cracks or breaks, please contact us right away for repairs or replacement.

Please contact our office with any questions or concerns.