General Use & Care Instructions

Kyle RiffleUse & Care Instructions

A wearing schedule for your device will be determined by the physician who prescribed the device and/or the physical/occupational therapist that is working with you.

  • If provided, please follow all manufacturers’ instructions as indicated.
  • All straps should be snug and completely secure. Please be sure not to over tighten and to check to ensure circulation is not limited.
  • Always wear a clean protective layer (t-shirt, socks) between your skin and your device.
  • Do not use any type of lotion under your device.
  • The device should be regularly cleaned as to prevent the build up of dirt, skin oils, and bacteria.
  • The device should be cleaned with mild soap and water, or with rubbing alcohol. If soaped used, make sure to clean off all soap residues as it may cause skin irritation.
  • Any leather may be cleaned using a leather cleaner or a 50/50 solution of water and rubbing alcohol.
  • If the device contains any mechanical joints please contact our office to apply any lubrication. If you are unable to get to our office, you may use clear silicone spray lubricant on the joints until you can come into the office for follow up.
  • Please do not expose the device to extreme heat or extreme cold that may cause any of the material to become less effective.
  • Your new device could be putting new pressure on your bones, joints and skin. You will likely need some time to become acclimated to your device, which makes it sometimes necessary to have a “break in period”. This “break in period” may last 5-10 days from delivery.


  • DAY 1: wear the device 1 hr, then take off to check your skin.
  • DAY 2: wear the device 2 hrs, then take off to check your skin.
  • DAY 3: wear the device 3 hrs, then take off to check your skin.
  • Continue increasing wear time 1 hr until the “break in period” is complete.

If you’re experiencing any difficulty with sensation under or near your body part that is braced, it is absolutely necessary to check the skin frequently during the “break in period”. There may be skin irritation or break down without you knowing it.

  • When checking the skin, it is normal to see an outline of the brace on the skin and maybe even some pink marks. Be sure that the skin marks go away within 20-25 minutes.
  • If you see bruising, blistering, or cuts, immediately remove the brace and contact our office for follow up appointment. Please DO NOT continue to wear the device until you have received follow up care.